Impact Reports

In 2020, Refuge commissioned New Economics Foundation Consulting (NEF) to carry out an analysis of how much social and economic value is delivered from every £1 we spend on our services. Take a look at their findings below.

The value of stopping domestic abuse.

Over a year-long period of research, NEF found that…

  • For every £1 Refuge spends on services it generated an average of £8.24 of social value. This represents a near doubling of value created compared to 2016, when NEF last undertook this evaluation.
  • The estimated social value generated by Refuge’s specialist services is £86 million per year.
  • Savings to the State from Refuge’s services were highest in the area of health, followed closely by safety, through reduced costs to the criminal justice system.


“The study found the social value generated by Refuge’s services is eight times greater than the amount of money invested in them, demonstrating the vital support Refuge provides for survivors of violence. This study is a clear indication of the need for long-term, sustainable funding for specialist domestic violence services, which reflect the social value they generate.”

Beti Baraki, Consultant, NEF Consulting