Fundraise your way

We make it easy and fun to organise an event that gets your friends, family, colleagues or classmates involved in the cause.

From hosting a pub quiz to shaving away a 15-year-old beard, we’ve seen people like you do some pretty amazing things to raise money for domestic abuse survivors. What will you do?

We make it simple and fun for you to turn your idea into a successful fundraiser — with top tips, support, and encouragement from our enthusiastic team of fundraisers.

Step 1: Get inspired by what others have done.

You can do just about anything to raise money for Refuge. Here are a few fundraisers we’ll never forget…

A woman and a man stood back to back wearing 1970s fancy dress

70’s themed dance-off, anyone?

Labella Anum Raised: £4000

Barking and Dagenham’s youth mayor organised a series of events and challenges for Refuge together with her peers. One was a 70’s themed dance-off with council leader Darren Rodwell!

Image of a table with baked goods on it, some flowers and a Refuge banner

Coffee morning for a cause

Lucy Timms Raised: £500

To mark International Women’s Day, Lucy organised a raffle and coffee morning at her home to support women and children fleeing domestic abuse. With the support of her friends and lots of prizes on offer, she doubled her fundraising target of £250!

Image of fundraiser with half his beard shaved

The big shave

David Raised: £473

David went beard-free for the first time in 15 years (!) to keep our vital services running.

Create your own fundraising page.

Setting up your online fundraising page with JustGiving takes five minutes, and is a simple way to collect donations ahead of your event. Here are three tips to help get the most out of your fundraising page:

  1. Set a target. Sounds obvious, but people who set a target raise almost double that amount!
  2. Upload a profile photo. People want to know it’s you.
  3. Share why you are doing this challenge. If you have a personal connection to the cause or a reason why you care, let people know.

Get started by creating your page.