Press Release

9 July 2020

BLM response

Refuge recognises that the reality of the lives of Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups can no longer be denied by any individual or institution. Recent events around the world have shone a clear light on the discrimination, persecution and high levels of deprivation experienced by men, women and children from these groups; experiences which lead to a much greater likelihood of lifelong poverty and contact with the criminal justice system.

In line with Refuge’s core values as a learning organisation, we do not absolve ourselves of the responsibility to do better. We are committed to addressing racism, prejudice and discrimination where it is found, and we are taking steps to recognise, acknowledge and challenge privilege and bias within our own organisation and beyond.

We know that progress has been slow and we know there is no quick solution. We are committed to do better to bring about positive change for our black communities and to contribute to the dismantling of systemic racism in England.