4 January 2023

Refuge comment on Rishi Sunak’s education announcement

Ruth Davison, CEO of Refuge, said:

Rishi Sunak has today announced that he wants maths education to continue for all post-16 learners.

“Refuge agrees with the Prime Minister that sixth form or college is a vital time for young people to be learning the skills that will underpin their lives outside of education. That’s why we are fighting to ensure that coercive control and domestic abuse are on the curriculum for all 16-19 year olds, giving them the tools to problematic behaviours in relationships.

The survivor-led Make it Mandatory campaign, which Refuge has supported, has been backed by over 70,000 people – all of whom want to see education on this important topic delivered at this pivotal time in young people’s lives.

“We hope the Prime Minister and members of his cabinet will join us in pushing for a rounded post-16 curriculum which empowers young people in both their personal and professional lives.”