What we do

Leaving an abusive relationship is a process. It can look different for everyone. That’s why we work individually and confidentially with each survivor to tailor a plan that meets her needs.

Supporting survivors every step of the way.

A glance at what we did during the COVID-19 lockdown…

In a period unlike any other, when many at-risk women and children were forced into lockdown and isolation with their abusers due to COVID-19, Refuge stepped up to meet the unprecedented need for support.

We maintained a place of safety for women and children:

  • 48 refuges
  • 22 local authorities
  • 348 units of accommodation

And despite COVID-19 restrictions, we delivered results:

  • 109 risk assessments attended
  • 519 perpetrators charged
  • 157 guilty verdicts

Traffic to our Helpline website remains well above pre-pandemic levels:

  • 10,500 average visits per month in Jan-Mar 2020
  • 73,600 average visits per month in Apr 2020 – Feb 202

So we launched a live chat service to meet the demands and offer a silent, real-time alternative to survivors who don’t feel safe calling on the phone.