General Election 2024: Taking Action to Tackle Abuse.

Refuge's manifesto for the 2024 General Election calls for a comprehensive approach to support survivors of domestic abuse and tackle violence against women and girls centred around three key principles. Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming general election, a new government must prioritise the safety of women and girls.

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In the UK, 1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse. Despite this, the current approach to tackling domestic abuse and VAWG remains disjointed and inadequate.

Survivors of domestic abuse continue to experience barriers to accessing support and
justice from all areas of the system, including but not limited to, the criminal and civil
justice system, housing, education and health. Meanwhile, the demand for specialised services to aid survivors continues to escalate within an uncertain funding landscape.

Your vote matters, but your safety does too.

Refuge believes it’s crucial for survivors of domestic abuse to have a voice in the country’s governance just like everyone else. Survivors have the right to vote for representatives they believe will best serve their interests. However, registering to vote safely can be challenging for survivors who need to maintain anonymity and protect confidential information.

To address this, we’ve developed a guide to emphasise the importance of keeping voting information private, outline your rights, and provide easy steps to safeguard your identity while registering to vote.

VAWG sector’s manifesto calls on political parties to end violence against women and girls for good

Before the upcoming general election, the End Violence Against Women Coalition and 70 other prominent organisations dedicated to ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) have released a joint manifesto. The manifesto urges all political parties to adopt its recommendations to combat this abuse.