Help tackle police abuse

The police are failing to protect women and girls. Cases of police perpetrated abuse are on the rise and we are calling for root and branch reform of police forces across the country.

The problem

Police forces are failing women and girls over the handling of police misconduct cases, including cases of domestic abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment perpetrated by police officers. The murder of Sarah Everard by a serving Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Officer and the crimes by serial rapist police officer, David Carrick, alongside mounting cases of police-perpetrated violence against women and girls (VAWG) across police forces in England and Wales, have highlighted the deep-rooted issue of institutional sexism and misogyny in the police.

Police perpetrators of domestic abuse have the power and influence to threaten, coerce and control women and girls using their position, the system and specialist equipment and resources.

1,177 recorded cases of police perpetrated VAWG between Oct 21 - March 22

24% of police officers and staff accused of VAWG related misconduct were suspended while under investigation

4 Home Secretaries have failed to reform the police

What we want to see

We want to see the immediate suspension of all police officers and staff accused of VAWG to protect women and girls from further harm by potential abusers.

Immediate and radical changes are also needed to vetting and misconduct policies.

Police forces aren't required to implement a consistent suspension policy which results in a lack of consistency around the country. A consistent suspension policy will help root out police abusers.