Law and Policy

We work to ensure that the voices of the women and children we support are heard by policy makers and their experiences shape national law and policy.

Changing laws and policies to prevent abuse and support survivors

Take a look at three key areas we’re currently focused on:

Tech abuse

Technology-facilitated domestic abuse, or tech abuse, is becoming increasingly prevalent, as technology provides perpetrators with further tools to control, coerce and abuse survivors – Refuge has seen the number of complex tech abuse cases almost double in the past year. Over a third of cases reported to Refuge’s specialist tech abuse team involve social media.

Check out our latest reports on tech abuse:

Specialist services for survivors of domestic abuse

Refuge’s ambition is for every survivor to be able to access the specialist services they need, whether this is a refuge space or a service in the community. Check out our related report:

Economic Abuse

Economic abuse is a common form of domestic abuse. It involves an abuser restricting a person’s ability to acquire, use and maintain money or other economic resources. This could include refusing to let their partner open a bank account, controlling how they use their income, preventing them working or being in education or building up debt in their partner’s name. Check out our reports on economic abuse:

Policy consultation responses

One of the ways we influence law and policy is by responding to consultations and inquiries. Our policy positions are formed in consultation with survivors of abuse, data from our specialist services and research.